Well Hello All!

Yes! I am back and although it seems like I lost my web
access...  It is partially true.
 I have found my access point
again and
I am looking forward to this great year of
sharing, updating, reconnecting and creating more music.

Not only will my old website be updated, you will also
find more at my google site
Seth Connelly!

As far as the studio has gone - I have finished many
projects over the last few years including:

Mark Dix

Randall Kromm

Marc Bridge

Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz

Licia Sky

Paul Rogoshewski

Look to the studio page to see specifics about the releases
that came out in the past by
Marc Bridge ,Perry
Desmond-Davies ,  Richard Eilbert , Chris Pahud , Mark
Dix , Gerry Ryan , Daniel and Faith Senie, Randall
Kromm,  Tom Smith, Margaret Sargent, Darlene Bailey,
Steve Gretz
and Leslie Lee, Laura Gold  and Kim Jennings  

Although s
ometimes the most fun seems to be watching the
projects fly
, hearing about wonderful reviews, it is the
contact and sharing of music that t
hey all perform and
ting their songs out to hungry ears that makes the world
a better place

I must thank every one of them for w
orking with me on
projects. I believe we are all using our musical talents
to make the world a better sounding place
to share songs
that will make people think and feel better.

As the this great year unfolds, I look forward to more
sessions, and some more great gigs as a solo and with
some new formations of musicians that have al
proved to be promising. I'll also be going out with some
new instruments besides guitar, that I've been working on
in my cave over the winter/spring (I'll spare you the violin
for just a little while!). Hope you enjoy these new sounds
as much as I have had in workin' them up!

      Blessings to all and to all a GREAT YEAR! Seth

PS Check out the latest Salty Dawgs CD
and my new webpage!
Seth Connelly
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