Well Hello All!

 OK, welcome to 2013 at Humming
Lake Studio. I am looking, so much,
forward to this great year of changes.
This is truly the year of great
possibilities, and it is my hope that it
will be reflected in all that happens
here in the North country
(well OK not really that far north!) 201
2 proved a
productive year with many releases and 201
3 will most
likely start right off with a couple. Aside from music, don't
you just feel the electricity in the air, as far as where the
world wants to go? It has been said, "May you live in
interesting times", and me thinks you have chosen wisely
Padawan. The air is alive with opportunities for change,
like ripe fruit just hanging heavily from branches and
vines. Sometimes this is just so much more exciting than
music ever was for me. Ah well....

  As far as the studio goes.... Lots of interesting projects in
various stages of completion.

Mark Dix is working on a second project that has been
growing lately. We've added some beautiful accordion
tracks by Sonny Barbato, some piano tracks, and soon
some more vocal tracks. we'll be getting in Robin Winter,
and Bill Mantone for some backing vocals, and we'll be
bringing this one into home base soon!

Randall Kromm has finished another fine CD that was
released right around Thanksgiving. A holiday CD that is
just pleasantly filled with lyrcs, melodies, singing and
family that will get anyone with a pulse in good spirits.

Marc Bridge is back in working on his second CD. From the
sound of the songs it's looking to be a great follow-up to
"American dReam" his first effort. I always look forward to
hearing a new Marc Bridge song, because I know I'll be
smiling when it's done!

Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz  will most likey be finishing up
their project this month. Lost of great songs, singing, and
variety as they stretch their musical wings a little wider
on this one. It has been fun watching this one grow!

Licia Sky will be releasing her CD that we recorded in
December soon... I hope! Great songs, lyrics and a unique
way of describing her world. Not to be missed.

Check back here for more projects to be started in the very
near future.

Look to the studio page to see specifics about the releases
that came out in the past by
Marc Bridge ,Perry
Desmond-Davies ,  Richard Eilbert , Chris Pahud , Mark
Dix , Gerry Ryan , Daniel and Faith Senie, Randall Kromm,
Tom Smith, Margaret Sargent, Darlene Bailey, Steve Gretz
and Leslie Lee
, Laura Gold  and Kim Jennings  (who we're
all proud to say won a Worcester Music
Award...CONGRATS KIM!!!!)!
Sometimes the most fun it's watching the projects fly.
They've received wonderful reviews, as they all perform
out and get their songs out to hungry ears.

And again I must thank every one of them for coming here
to do their projects. I believe we are all using our musical
talents to make the world a better sounding place, and
share songs that will make people think and feel better.

As the this great year unfolds, I look forward to more
sessions, and some more great gigs... as a solo and with
some new formations of musicians that have already
proved to be promising. I'll also be going out with some
new instruments besides guitar, that I've been working on
in my cave over the winter/spring (I'll spare you the violin
for just a little while!). Hope you enjoy these new sounds
as much as I have had in workin' them up!

        Blessings to all and to all a GREAT YEAR! Seth

PS Check out the new
Salty Dawgs CD~
Seth Connelly
Seth and
August 2010