Well,..... Hello All!

Hey! I have also created a new Web page with more audio and
visuals for your enjoyment. Check it out here:
Seth Connelly

Yes! I am back, and what an interesting few years it's been. For
a little while I lost my ability to access and edit this website. I
have found my access point again and I am looking forward to
this great year of sharing, updating, reconnecting and creating
more music. I've been doing a lot of soul searching, practicing
even harder, learning some new instruments, and playing with
some new configurations of musicians. I'm still playing with my
old favorite group, the Salty Dawgs... the core group being,
John Fitzsimmons, Hatrack Gallagher, and moi. We've had the
opportunity to play for so many people now, both at the Colonial
Inn in Concord, MA, which is where we seem to land and park
the plane the most. But also moving into other venues and
meeting new people and making more of them smile. I've also
put together a new group that has brought me so much joy....
we're calling ourselves Sugarbone. It's comprised of Ted
Powers (a great singer/guitar player I met through friends in
Swing Cafe), My old standby Upright Bass player and dear
friend Peter Tillotson (His abilities far outstretch the music we
throw at him... like asking a master chef to boil an egg). And, a
wonderful new addition to my musical life, Keith Jacques, a
great singer, guitar player, percussionist, and overall performer
that makes my inner 12-18 year old laugh and laugh....! We play
every other first Thursdays of the month at Main Streets Market
and Cafe in bootious downtown Concord, MA. I can't tell you
how much fun I have with these guys, whether performing or
just hanging/rehearsing... there's never a dull moment. Sadly, I
had to let the Seeing Eye Boys go as a regular thing, but I look
forward to playing with all of them in some form or other. It was
just time for some new energy into my life. Jackie Damsky and
Eric Kilburn are both fine players, singers, and people and I'm
sure we'll be finding new opportunities to bring some musical
joy to those who remember our best material. I've also had the
great good fortune to meet a new musician to brainstorm and
perform with... Michael Payette from the Lowell MA area. We've
done some gigs together and I am constantly amazed at his
talent. Along with him, in his group
Acoustic Roadshow (Daniel
Webster and Chris Ledbetter) I've played some great music in
fun new venues in the Lowell area... I've not played regularly in
that area for years! Mostly in my Wood-n-Steel days.... don't get
me started on how much fun that was! They still play once a
month at the 110 Grill in Chelmsford. Saw the last reunion
show.... dang...they were good, and still are!!
Also, I've been a .....BUG!!! That's right, I'm the guitar
player/singer Bee in a group called Karen K and the Jitterbugs!
That's right I'm the Bee that doesn't like to sting.... ain't it the
truth, ain't it the Truth!?! Karen writes the best children's music
I've ever heard. Smart lyrics not dumbed down, great melodies,
rhythms. I really love this material and most adults can drive
around listening to it as well.... it ain't Barney!! ;-) We've
performed from NH all the way down to North Carolina and out
as far as Chicago. Yes, we bring the fun!!! see more at
Karen K
and the Jitterbugs.

The studio recording has been going through adjustments trying
to refigure and retool. Still doing remote stuff for small projects
and have a few projects I'm finishing up, as well as starting 2 or
3 new ones presently.
If you would like to hear one of the groups that I play in, go
ahead and send me an email through the contact page Or, let
me know of a venue you think one of the groups would fit in well
with. Spread the word... have you heard the word is LOVE? :-)

Not only will my old website be updated, you will also find more
at my google site
Seth Connelly!  As far as the studio has gone
- I have finished many projects over the last few years including:

Mark Dix

Randall Kromm

Marc Bridge

Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz

Licia Sky

Paul Rogoshewski

Look to the studio page to see specifics about the releases that
came out in the past by
Marc Bridge ,Perry Desmond-Davies ,  
Richard Eilbert , Chris Pahud , Mark Dix , Gerry Ryan , Daniel
and Faith Senie, Randall Kromm,  Tom Smith, Margaret
Sargent, Darlene Bailey, Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee, Laura
Gold  and
Kim Jennings  

Although sometimes the most fun seems to be watching the
projects fly, hearing about wonderful reviews, it is the contact
and sharing of music that they all perform and getting their
songs out to hungry ears that makes the world a better place.

I must thank every one of them for working with me on their
projects. I believe we are all using our musical talents to make
the world a better sounding place to share songs that will make
people think and feel better.

As the this great year unfolds, I look forward to more sessions,
and some more great gigs as a solo and with some new
formations of musicians that have already proved to be
promising. I'll also be going out with some new instruments
besides guitar, that I've been working on in my cave over the
winter/spring (I'll spare you the violin for just a little while!).
Hope you enjoy these new sounds as much as I have had in
workin' them up!

Blessings to all and to all a GREAT YEAR! Seth

PS Check out the latest Salty Dawgs CD
Seth Connelly