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"Best family CD you'll ever own!"

Whipple Rhodes Family

"My kids (3 & 6 1/2), my husband, and I ALL
LOVE this CD. We play it every day. If the
kids are in a bad mood, I just turn it on and
all is well. We all sing, dance, play
instruments to this wonderful compilation of
best camp songs ever. This is a must have
for every CD collection."

"This music is fabulous!"


"The music on this CD is wonderful. My
children (3 and 7) love listening to it - my 7
year old has learned every word. The songs
are classic, and even bring back happy
memories of my own summers at camp. It is a
thrill to share this with my kids."
Winner: 2003
Parents’ Choice Award
2003 Parent's Choice Awards for Outstanding
Achievement in Children's Music
$15.00 plus S&H
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