Hey everyone, I have been playing in various groups for
years as some of you already know. I have a calendar
page where you will be able to see a lot of the gigs and
recording projects in which I am and will be
participating. Recently I have spent more time playing
with my son. He's the best!

Musically I've been blessed with many connections
which are too many to mention - it's always a pleasure
no matter where I get to play and sing with others.
Below are some photos taken by Howard Cannon at
the Wonderful Life Night, and a Wonderful Life it has
been! I was surprised and honored by those who
joined me for a night of fun and music. Thank you
to all who were there.

As bookings are going fast, get yours in quickly!
: ^ )

I also perform live with many of the groups that I have
recorded. Like Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee. These will
also appear on my calendar and Humming Lake
Recording Artist page. Check back to see the calendar
page for updates of added gigs.

Hope to see you all soon!

~ Love, Seth
Groups Seth Plays With...
Many photos are by Howard Canon
on Flickr - taken at party for Seth
April 11, 2010. Thank you Howard
for taking such amazing shots.
Howard Canon
Photographer, April 11,
by Howard Canon Photographer,
April 11, 2010
Seth, Chris and Hatrack, by
Howard Canon Photographer,
April 11, 2010

Seth and Annie Law by Howard
Photographer, April 11, 2010

Bern by Howard Canon,
Photographer, April 11, 2010
It is a wonderful life!
The Salty Dawgs