The Salty Dawgs are simply three guys having fun and playing the
music that never seems to die; music that doesn’t grow old with the
times—music that keeps people coming back to see us week after
week, year after year, for over thirty years and counting. We are
performers, songwriters and collectors. We keep alive the best of
what has come before us and try to create a little something for the
world to enjoy. I’d imagine that our repertoire is as extensive as any
other group out there.

We are pretty hard working guys, good soulmates (I think) and the
fathers of a great bunch of kids. The songs we sing and the stories we
tell are the gifts and blessings of lives lived deliberately. Gifts because
we deeply care about our audience and give our heart and soul to
every performance, and blessings because we know how lucky we
are to be scratching out at least a part of our living by sharing our
vision of enduring music through the time tested words and music of
countless generations that have shared our love of music. Our dream
in the studio is to produce impeccable recordings of traditional,
vintage, and original music and spoken word that will become the
heirlooms you and your families will share for years to come.

Playing a live show with Hatrack and Seth is always a magical and
memorble experience. Seth is an absolutely incredible musician with
an “unmatched wizardry on anything with strings!” More than likely he’
s as good a player as you will ever have the hear play—and as good a
guy as you’ll ever meet!  “Hatrack”  plays harmonica and sings those
high harmonies and traditional blues with a passion and soul matched
only by the depth and breadth of his character (and man, he certainly
is a character!). It’s all stuff he learned directly from playing with guys
like “Peg Leg Sam”, and Sonny Terry and Brownhie McGhee. He,
too, is utterly amazing—honestly, like no one you ever heard before. I
know a bunch of songs, maybe as many songs as Seth does guitar
licks (or mandolin, or banjo, or dobro, or piano, or whatever else he
happens to tote along) and at least as many tasteless jokes as
Hatrack. It all adds up to a lot of fun every time we play. And that
goes for any time we get ourselves into Seth's studio to record!

Songs from the Dawghouse is a collection of some our favorite
songs—songs that seem to work whenever and wherever we play
them.  I think they will work for you, too.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.


August 3, 2010
1. Down on the Corner: John Fogerty

2. Nowhere Man: The Beatles

3. Salty Dog: Traditional

4. Superman: Denise  Fitzsimmons

5. Stealin’: Another old traditional gem

6. One Love: Bob Marley

7. Rollin in My Sweet Baby’s Arms:
Charlie Monroe

8. Freight Train: Elizabeth Cotten

9. Ride On: Jimmy McCarthy

10. Eight More Miles to Lousiville:
Grandpa Jones

11. No Dad To Come Home To:
John Fitzsimmons

12. Rocky Top: Felice & Bordeaux Bryant

13. I’ll Fly Away: Albert E. Brumley
Dedicated to James Gallagher
Seth has been working like a "dawg" all summer getting
our latest CD together. It is a collection of some of hte
classic vintage and original songs that we love to play
and sing. Listen to it. We hope you like it, too!
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Songs from the
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